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Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant

2016-02-26 18:09:55

APC Valves Group Aims to Become the Market Leader in Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant Manufacturing Sector

APC Valves Group is a renowned manufacturer and trader of UL listed FM approved valves. Recently, the manufacturers claimed in a press statement that they are aiming to rise to the top of dry barrel fire hydrant market segment.

APC Valves Group Co Ltd or APC Valves Group, a China based manufacturer of quality valves and piping components, recently announced that they are trying to reach the zenith of the dry barrel fire hydrant manufacturing market segment with their quality products that are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards and specifications. On behalf of the manufacturing and trading company, Ms. Lily, the Sales Director said that they are now manufacturing all the three standard types of hydrants, including compression type hydrants, toggle types, and slide-gate types.

“Dry barrel fire hydrants are extremely useful in fighting fires in areas where municipal water distribution systems are not available. Apart from that, there are many other uses of dry or non-pressurized types of fire hydrants. We know that there are number of dry barrel fire hydrant manufacturers on the market now”, commented Ms. Lily.

“However, our products, especially the dry barrel fire hydrants, are FM, UL, and LPCB approved and they can well beat the competition. Apart from that, the dry barrel fire hydrants are also in compliance with the many standards and specifications set by different countries, such VDS of Germany”, she added during a press conference held in QingdaoCounty in Shandongprovince of China.

APC Valves Group owners also informed that they only manufacture UL approved and export-quality valves and valve components as many of their overseas buyers are very particular about these specifications. “UL listed valves are the industry standards and we always comply with these specifications. Our dry barrel fire hydrant and all other products are made in accordance with the specifications approved by governments of several countries”, said Ms. Lily, who is also the spokesperson of the China based company for all sales related matters.

“We would like to use this opportunity to welcome everyone to visit our factory in China and we would be delighted to host them and take them on a guided tour of the factory. Already, we have very reputable clients in Australia, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland and many other countries and we look to expand our business further afield”, the Sales Director ended the press conference on a highly positive note.

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APC Valves Group CO Ltd is a China based manufacturing and trading company specializing in valves and piping products.     

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