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grooved pipe fittings manufacturer

China-Based Industrial Valves and Fittings Manufacturer Introduces Premium Products to Global Market

2017-02-17 20:07:09

Industrial Valves & Fittings Group, a prominent manufacturing and trading firm in Shandong Province, China that sells valves and other pipeline commodities introduces its renowned OS&Y gate valve and NRS gate valve to the world market. 

These valves are UL-listed and FM-approved or certified in the United States. Inclusion in the UL listing means the products are based mainly on published and recognized Standards for Safety of the UL. On the other hand FM approval is the independent test division of FM Global, an international insurance corporation. FM approvals utilize scientific testing and research to ensure products abide by the highest benchmarks for safety as well as prevention of property loss. 

It only means China has the capacity to manufacture high-quality valves like OS&Y gate valve and NRS gate valve at lower prices. Nonetheless, Industrial Valves & Fittings Group continues to make sure that its clients worldwide are satisfied with the enterprise’s merchandise. 

These butterfly valves are suitable for fire protection. Unlike the ordinary gate valves, the OS&Y gate valve (Outside Screw and Yoke) is propped up by the A-frame yoke built outside the valve’s covered body. The screw nut is held firmly as the shaft goes up or down without turning. The valve’s wheel is connected directly to the nut or by means of gearing as both revolve. It pulls or pushes the disk that opens or closes the valve. 

By looking at the OS&Y gate valve, it is possible to determine if the valve is open or closed by the shaft’s position. 

The NRS gate valve works differently. The screw nut is fitted into the valve plug or disk of the internal valve. The shaft or bar and handle turn as the valve’s interior opens or closes. The inside nut moves up or down while the thread of the internal shaft rotates within the nut. This model is more compact compared to the OS&Y gate valve. 

NRS means Non-Rising Stem. This type of durable gate valve cones with Post Flange Indicator (PIV) or AWWA-style stuffing box. The OS&Y gate valve comes with a hand wheel or spherical frame with solid disc. 

Industrial Valves & Fittings Group has pledged its commitment to offer clients all over the world with the best assortment of products that adhere to international standards of quality. The company’s slogan is “Best Quality and Sincere Service Forever.”