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UL butterfly valves

2015-12-02 22:08:25


UL Butterfly Valves 

Model 2400-G - Butterfly Valves - UL Listed - DI

UL Listed

2" - 12"

AWWA Certified

Grooved Butterfly Valve
with Gear Actuator and Tamper Switch

1. Grooved ends comply with AWWA C606 for metallic pipe of IPS dimensions.
2. Body of valve shall be of high strength ductile iron ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12
3. Fusion Bond Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior, AWWA C550. Epoxy Powder           Certified to NSF-61.
4. Valves shall be equipped with hand wheels indicating the direction for opening.
5. Operating Shaft shall be Stainless Steel.
6. Underwriters Laboratories Rated Working Pressure: 2” -12”: 300 psi


1. Single piece through shaft.
2. Vulcanized seat design for bubble-tight shut-off at 300 psi
3. Flag type position indicator
4. Low torque operation, high cycle life
5. Built-in supervisory switch
6. Top flange to ISO 5211/1
7. Flange designed to ANSI B16.1 Class 125
8. Working Pressure: 300 psi, 200 psi and 250 psi available on request
9. Working Temperature: 33°F to 125°F
10. Internally and externally fusion bonded epoxy powder coated (FBE)


Fire Protection Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valve - Ductile Iron, Grooved, UL Listed

Butterfly Valve - Ductile Iron, Grooved, UL Listed

  • Valve pressure rating 300 psi wwp, EPDM encapsulated ductile iron disc, Stainless steel stem with metal bushings, Available with (suffix 8N) or without (suffix 4N) internal monitor switches, Available in-ground post (suffix GP) or wall post (suffix WP) versions - UL only, Operating mechanism: Manual gear operator
  • UL/ULC Listed, FM Approved, UL Listed for Indoor and Outdoor Service, Designed to meet MSS SP-67, MSS SP-25 (markings), Approved by New York City MEA 9-97-E, Vol.2 when assembled with appropriate NYC indicator flag, California State Fire Marshal Listing No. 770-1243:101
  • Size range 2½” to 8”
Butterfly Valve - Ductile Iron, Fire Protection, UL Listed, WD-3510

Butterfly Valve - Ductile Iron, Fire Protection, UL Listed
The NIBCO® wafer type butterfly valve is classified as a fire protection control valve that are Underwriters Laboratories listed and FM Approved for bubble-tight shutoff at 250 psi water working pressure. Wafer valves are recommended for quick installation and removal from piping.


  • Specifications
  • Size : 2 1/2" Through 8"
  • Working Press. : 175 psi
  • Max. Test Press. : 350 psi
  • Working Temp. : 250F (120°C)
  • Factory Installed UL Approved Tamper Switch.
  • Material
  • Body : Ductile Iron, Nylon-11 Coated.
  • Body : Ductile Iron, EPDM Encapsulated
  • Disc : AL-Bronze, Ductile Iron, Ni-Cr Plated Encapsulated.
  • Stem : Stainless Steel, Hardened & Tempered