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Alarm Check Valve

2015-12-07 19:35:02


UL Alarm Check Valve  is of 4 types:-


1. 4”  Flange/Groove Alarm Check Valve


2. 6”  Flange/Groove Alarm Check Valve




4” & 6” Alarm Check Valve has flanged end vertical installed alarm check valve


The valve is made in accordance with UL 193 Alarm Valves for fire-protection service


Material Cast iron ASTM A48 class no 35


Rated pressure 175psi, test pressure 350 psi


Marking UL Listed  175psi 4”/6” ALARM CHECK VALVE.


Installation vertical ½ NPT(PT) thread female inlet ¾ NPT(PT) female thread outlet and ½ NPT(PT) female thread drain

Alarm Check Valve