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landing valves

Product Numbers:2016011111

Product description:landing valves


Oblique Landing Valve


Body : Copper Alloy to BS 1400

Handwheel : Grey Cast Iron to BS 1452

Inlet:Flange,BS ,JIS, ANSI Standard

Outlet: Female instantaneous to BS 336 and other connections

Pressure Test : 22.5 bar

Manufacture and certified to BS 5041 Part 1*

2.This low pressure hydrant valve is manufactured strictly in accordance with BS5041:part 1-1987 .it has a dual seat design valve closure in which the primary is rubber to metal and secondary is metal to metal .Every valve is pressure tested to 16.5 bars and 22.5 bars for the seat and body respectively .It is suitable for on-shore and off-shore fire protection .

3 We ensure you high quality, competitive price and quick delivery;

4. We also have many types and difference size of Fire Hose Couplings, such as Machino Fire Hose Coupling , John Morris Fire Hose Coupling, French Fire Hose Coupling, American (ANSI Pin) Fire Hose Coupling, JIS(Nakajima )Fire Hose Coupling, STORZ Fire Hose Coupling, UNI45 and UNI70 Fire Hose Coupling , and so on. And these types of coupling and adaptors are also manufactured in accordance to customers’ requirement .

5.To meet customers high request, our experienced S&D,QC group in charge of the design of all products and new mould, and all the items need past working pressure, surface finishing and thread test.

landing valves