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landing valves

Product Numbers:2016022222

Product description:landing valves


landing valves

Landing Valves are manufactured to BS 5041 and are available in 65 mm Ø female thread or flange

end inlet and female instantaneous to BS 336 outlet. Falcon also produces various types of landing valves such
as screw oblique landing valves, flanged oblique landing valves, flanged right angle landing, flanged straight
through landing valve and double landing valve.


Body Copper Alloy to BS 1400

Handwheel Grey Cast Iron to BS 1452

Inlet Flanged or BSP screw thread

Outlet Female instantaneous to BS 336 and other connections

Pressure Test 22.5 bar

Manufacture and certified to BS 5041 Part 1*

Nominal size DB65 2-1/2", DN50 2". DN80 3"