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Fire Hydrant BS 750

Product Numbers:20151113

Product description:Fire Hydrant BS 750


Fire Hydrant (Pillar Hydrant) -made of ductile iron or cast iron aaccording to BS 750 .


he BS750 Fire hydrant is normally used by the fire service, it is made of ductile iron or cast iron according to BS 750 .





Fire hydrant


On the ground


Typical technical data :


  1. 1.       Dimentions according to BS750 Type 1
  2. 2.       Flange drilling to EN1092-2:1997 
  3. 3.       Copper outlet : 3.1 Internal diameter :64mm


3.2       Type of threads: V thread


3.3       Threads per 25.4mm : 5 1/3 nos